When an entrepreneur wants to offer great services, where can they go from there? Direx Capital Group is proud to announce a line of credit program to help with start ups to go along with seasoned companies.  Recently, they have been able to provide an aspiring businessman with $35,000 in credit lines for a business that he could not find the funding for after months of searching.  

“It was a dream come true!  I was referred to Chris Heatherdale by a friend of ours after looking for all these options where no one could help me out.  I was only looking for the bare minimum for some equipment to get started and with his group, they were able to provide me with over three times of the amount that I originally was looking for!” – Chris Douglas

Direx Capital Group aims to help make those dreams possible.  The line of credit program was designed as an alternative that will not affect the borrower’s personal credit or debt to income ratios for when they want to make larger personal investments.  For clients with credit challenges, they even have a credit repair specialist to help with their endeavors, and guides to help businesses with D&B ratings.

“This is why we do what we do.  We still believe that small business is a backbone of America.  People are out there trying to make a living by doing what they love to do.  If we are to help create jobs and take a standpoint with aspiring leaders, then ultimately we can help the overall economy.” – Chris Heatherdale

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