We are proud to announce the business loan program that will be available starting immediately.  This program is being administered by our own Chris Heatherdale for the meantime, who has extensive experience in financing. These programs will allow for merchant cash advances and will help the business owner cover expenses quickly with little hassle.  Brad Bowers, team manager of Direx Capital, will coordinate teams to cover promotion, ground marketing, and excelling customer service.  

“We believe this program is exactly what will be necessary to efficiently help business owners.  After researching the company, observing the high quality and speed of service, and seeing the high ratings with the BBB, I didn’t see how there was much room to argue.” – Chris Heatherdale

Direx Capital Group will be servicing business loans and merchant cash advances to businesses generating over $10,000 per month in gross sales and that have been in business for over 6 months.  According to Mr. Heatherdale, underwriting can take as little as 2-3 hours and fund in 2 business days, a huge leap from a former similar program.

“Quality of service is our number one priority.  We want to provide the best service, so we only look to work with the best in the industry. Period.” – Chris Heatherdale

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